What a Season!!

Its always at this time of year that things start to calm down a little bit, but also at this time of year that I begin to feel a mixture of relief (that Ive managed to survive yet another season of madness), happiness (looking back at some of the things ive acheived and some of the great parties Ive been to throughout the summer) and also sadness (to leave the party isle and what I now consider as my second home – not to mention also leaving all the fantastic people that I have met and all my friends who will now disappear to here, there and everywhere for the winter).

It really has been a fantastic season out here this year though. For me personally DJng at the likes of Judgement Sundays and BCM – both of which were pipe dreams before this summer but became reality – although I still cant quite believe I played at both so many times. Id like to thank Gordon and Judge Jules & Giles for all believing in me and giving me a chance, and also Oscar from BCM, Helen, Wil and Big Nick from Judgement and Alex and Jorge from Eden for all your support.

Also, to be the Ibiza Correspondent for Kiss FM was another dream come true and I have received many emails of support for the weekly “Talking Balearics” spot – Many thanks must also therefore go to Steve Smart and Charlie Coker for thier support and also for the weekly chats!!!! and also to Spike at Sparkle without whom it wouldnt have happened in the first place.

There are so so many people who I could go on and mention for making this a truly memorable and fantastic summer for so many reasons – everyone at Play 2 for example for yet another wicked and successful season for the weekly Saturday Charlys Angelz nights at Play 2. So instead of going on and on just to say thanks to everyone who has supported me out here this summer and much love and sad goodbyes to all the many people I have met out on the island this year and to all my friends. Have a fab winter and hopefully see you all out here again next season.

So, back to the UK for me. Im having a mini holiday having just got back from doing a Charlys Angelz in Dubai with Eve Carey – an absolutley wicked event – but tiring journey to say the least. So a short break and the last Ibiza closing parties to attend and then Ill be back in the UK.

My first gig upon my return is at Club M in Newmarket for their infamous Twirl Girls event. I have been wanting to play at this club for years and so am thrilled to be joining the other girls down there.

I am back in the studio when I get back to the UK as well. I have recently written my first solo track entitled “Believe”, and so will be adding the finishing touches to that as well as starting a couple of new tracks in collaboration with a couple of well known jocks – so please watch this space and Ill keep you updated with my progress!!!!

Look foward to hopefully catching up with some of you when I get home.


Vicky xxx

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