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Well hello!!! and welcome to my all new vickydevine.com If you’ve read my news before, you’ll know that I am notoriously bad at keeping up with it!!! As you can see from the date of my last news article, this year has started no differently as its been two whole months already since I last wrote!!! But I at least have the excuse this time of the transition period over to this new website – and now I have no excuses to keep up to speed from here on in!!!!!

You will see if you have a look around there are lots of new features. I am especially proud of the new media section which will have even more video on there very soon. There are still some features to be added such as MP3′s of my tracks, more photos and press items and a couple of other features such as my all important chart – so please do check back from time to time and have a look around!!!! Must not forget also to thank Brett and Lou for all the hard work they have put into this site and for their patience to deal with my never ending demands!!!

The past two months have been as crazy as the rest of the winter has been so far!! Again if you read back to my last news article you will see that I wrote it on tour whilst I was in Mexico before heading to South America. I had an absoluetly amazing trip out there (photos will be on here very soon!) – including a final massive party at Mezzanine in Mexico, a traumatic trip via Miami down to Ecuador, a phenominal gig at Club Fizz in Guayaquil and a surprise trip to the Galapagos Islands for a week and being taken there in a private jet!!! I must firstly thank Brendan and Kattrina in Mexico for an amazing stay at their fantastic hotel (in addition to Filthy Gorgeous Jamie Gittens for helping organise the trip out there) – and then also Julio and Ines for looking after me in Ecuador, showing me the sights – not to mention taking me to a fabulous Full moon party on one of the beaches down there and introducing me to some amazing people – Marcello, Minino, and everyone elser that looked after me whilst I was out there. Hopefully I’ll be back in Mexico next winter and fingers crossed back in South America also.

When I came back to England there were all sorts of amazing things happening back here also. As I got off the plane (and my phone began to work again!!!) I learnt that Dave Pearce had played my track – Entravanse – on his Sunday night Dance Anthems show 2 days earlier. I was gutted that I missed the play, but the beauty of digital technology allowed me to have a listen when I got home anyway, and it was a buzz and a half to hear my track being played out on Radio One to say the least!!!! Entravanse was subsequently released on Drizzly’s Illuminate label on March 13th and reactions and support have so far been excellent. My follow up track Echoed Kisses is currently being remixed and should be doing the rounds very soon.

The first gig after my return to the UK was actually over in Italy!!!!!!! No sooner had I landed – I was back on a plane again to get there!! I have had some brilliant gigs over there in Sauze (near Turin) this winter – I ended up at one stage staying over there for a week and doing three gigs on the trot, and then going out there every Wednesday for a residency!!! Big thanks to H and Andrea for organising everything out there for me this year (they very nearly even got me on ski’s – but that will have to wait till next year now!!!).

I’ve also been back up to Bolton twice since my return from America playing at the much loved 2 Funky at Chic up there. Although trance is my first love, I have to say that I do love playing my tough house sets too and this is one of those places that always goes off. I’ll be back up there in April and May before my return to Ibiza and much fun will be had as always I am sure!!!!

That brings me up to the last week or so, and last weekend I was up in Scotland for my debut at a night up in a town called Montrose at The Links Hotel. I’ve played in Dundee and Aberdeen before, but Montrose was a new one on me and not a town I had heard of. I have to say though that its one of the best nights I’ve done in ages. they do love their anthems up there I have to say – but sod it – who doesn’t like their anthems? – and we all had a wicked time!!!!!! the only down side of the night was the clocks going forward and my afterparty session being cut short by an hour otherwise I am almost sure I could have waded my way through a few more Budweisers – but with an early morning start and a flight home to contend with I decided to be semi sensible – for once!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many thanks to Derek for having me up there and to Laura for the entertaining airport journeys (even if we did nearly get lost!!!!!) and hopefully I’ll be back there before the years out.

Over the coming few weeks I have some biggies coming up starting tomorrow with The Gallery at Turnmills and including also Passion up at the Emporium in a few weeks time. Will keep you posted with all that happens at those, and in the meantime enjoy the new site and do let me know your comments on the guestbook page.

Will write again soon,

Vicky D x

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