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It is with much sadness that I sit here and write my news item this month having recently lost one of my best friends in the industry – Sarah PVC. It has been an incredibly tough few weeks for me since my return from Ibiza to say the least!!! You meet many, many people whilst working in this industry from all walks of life, and some of those people become incredibly important to you in relatively short spaces of time -usually through a mutual love of music, lifestyle and living life to the max. Sarah was indeed one of these people – a person who I actually met in Ibiza, but who had become a great personal friend. So this month I’d just like to send message to Sarah wherever she may be now – probably running some great big club in heaven knowing her!!!!! You will be much missed honey and you most certainly will never be forgotten.

And to anybody else that reads this and who did not know Sarah – she was a shining example of how everybody should be. Always friendly, always helping people, always having time to talk,and a true lover of all kinds of dance music and the people involved in the dance music industry!!!! If anything good could possibly come out of her untimely death then it must at least be that we should all be striving to take a leaf out of her book and learn a thing or two from the way she lived and treated people – I for one will be!

Please check my events page for gigs that are coming up. I’m taking a few weeks out in Nov and Dec as I am back in the studio working on my tracks but will still have a few weekends when I’m out and about so keep checking back and I’ll keep you updated with the track progress in the mean time.

Till next month,

Vicky xxx

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30/03/12 02:56


Hi there Vicky, I was looking up ‘Ravers’ on google images and there was a girl which instantly reminded me of Sarah, so I decided to google Sarah PVC to see if anyone still talks about her or mentions her, and you were the first on the list.
I knew Sarah from internet radio shows that I used to do and she was a member of the forums on that website. She was always so friendly, words of encouragement over MSN or showing her support for the lesser known clubbing promotions.
It was so sad to hear of the news, and especially the circumstances under which it happened, the good ones are always taken so young.

Sorry for this being completely out of the blue, I just had an urge to talk about her to someone else, and reading your comments just brought back everything I knew about her from the 8 or so years ago since she passed.

Gone, but will never be forgotten.
R.I.P Sarah

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