Messy weekends, Closing Parties, Missed Flights, DC10 and now back to the UK

You always know you have had a good night out in Ibiza wehn you wake up the next day still fully clothed – including even your shoes!!!!! That was just the beginning of the messiness that began during the Radio One week over here in Ibiza in August. Not to say that there isn’t always a party to go to over here – but the radio one week is notorious for being “the Big One” so to speak. Unfortunately a couple of the nights were just a little bit too big for my liver to process!!! I’d like to thank Charlie Coker for being my drinking accomplice for what was a truly hedonistic week in every sense. I did actually manage to get to a couple of nights that I had never even been to before including Cocoon at Amnesia and Carl Cox at Space – both wicked nights, and also not forgetting the brilliant night we had up at Cream. And then the Grand Finale to that particular week was obviously the broadcast live from Judgement Sundays on Radio One. The club was absolutely rammed – it was a truly awesome night and I got to play the very last set after Lisa Lashes keeping the club open until 7.30am.

After that week I wasn’t sure anything could actually match things in the party sense, but there were even more messy weekends still to come. Cue September – the month of the closing parties!! Now I have to say that sometimes September can be a little depressing because things usually begin to wind down a little, but this year September has been truly rocking both in Ibiza and Majorca. This brings me to the weekend of 10th September!!!

As usual I had my Friday night event at BCM in Majorca – however on this occasion Paul Kershaw and the Galaxy crew were in town ready for their live broadcast going out that weekend. As many of you will know I have been doing reports for Pauls show all summer – although Paul, having recently got married had skipped a few weeks. This prompted him to buy me a present to apologise which turned out to be a squeaking pink bird – we are not sure what kind of bird, but he ended up with the name Santos at any rate!!! Photos will follow soon, but he kind of became the focal point of the night – providing endless hours of entertainment to us rather enebriated DJ’s! One gig, an afterparty, 2 extra bottles of wine, and a pet kiwi (don’t ask) later, and it was time for me to go to bed. Unfortunatly however, the sedative effects of the wine worked overtime and I missed my flights back to Ibiza!!! With no other flights going to the island that day, and no ferries either – things started to get a little fraught!!! Fortunately after many phonecalls and much begging to the Iberia staff at Palma airport, they found me a flight (business class no less), via Barcelona and back to Ibiza. It cost me an arm and a leg but at least it got me back in time for my Charlys Angelz night at Play 2.

Speaking of Charlys Angelz, the night is currently being toured in Luminar clubs throughout the UK. We sadly did the last Ibiza event out here last Saturday after an absolutely amazing summer down there. So please check out if you would like to see me and the rest of the girlies in action at one of the Uk events.

Anyway, back to the weekend of the 10th, and on the Sunday came the second to last Judgement Sundays. I can’t speak highly enough of the Judgement events this year. They have not only been busier than the last couple of years, but in addition the music has been immense. On this particular weekend it was Jules (of Course), Sander Van Doorn, Scot Project and me! It was another excellent night, which carried on into my last set keeping the club open late yet again, and an afterparty afterwards. Now many of you may know Sander’s manager Mr Jay Pigeon – previously a DJ in his own right and now an excellent manager of Sander and Marco V to name but a few. Also a notorious party head – and this night was no different. I have been looking for someone for weeks who had the stamina to go from Judgement Sundays to the afterparty and then onto DC10 – and here I had found the perfect candidate!!! Jay and I went to DC10 where we spent the next ten hours drinking an awful lot of vodka and partying in true Ibiza stylee. The music was absolutely wicked – I have to say I almost contemplated even changing my style it was that good. The day went down as one of those legendary Ibiza days and I have to thank Jay for a great day of doing god knows what!

The weekend after came the closing party for Judgement Sundays. The lineup was supposed to be me warming up, then Matt Hardwick, Jules, Lisa Lashes and Barry and Shan from Goodgreef. Unfortunately Matt had food poisoning and couldn’t make it, and although I’d hate to capitalise on someone else’s misfortune, it did actually work in my favour because I got to do the first two and a half hours of the closing party warming up straight into Jules’s set which was amazing for me. The club was jam packed and I got to play the big room trance that I always crave to play and usually have to watch the others play after my warm up set! I have already had about ten people email me off the back of this set and messages on my space also. Am really pleased everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing all my sets at Judgement this year and look forward to being back there again in 2007.

So with the season drawing swiftly to a close, its that time of year to start focussing on the winter and the UK. I always miss out a little on whats happening back in the Uk with me being away for four months every year ……and it sometimes takes me a month or so just to get back into the swing of things again. This year it might take slightly longer as no sooner do I set foot back onto British soil, I’m on a plane out of there again to go on a tour for Smirnoff in India. I have played for these guys three times before and absolutely love playing for both their events and Smirnoff not to mention the Seventy agency who book me and look after me so well. I am really looking forward to going back – am doing four cities and therefore four big parties.

After that I will be well and truly back in the UK where I have some exciting gigs in the pipeline and will be working putting the finishing touches to my next track Silver Whispers plus some further productions.

Look forward to seeing all of you that I have missed over the summer, but for now its Adios and a few more days of closing parties and sunbathing to attend to!

Vicky D xxx

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