Its Summertime…..Well Nearly!

Yey!!!!! Its nearly summertime again – it only seems two minutes ago that I was signing off from last season in Ibiza……….and its almost time to go again!!!!!! Yep, Charlys Angelz is hitting the White Isle for its fourth consecutive year, and I’ll be out there with bells on fronting the night alongside some of the best female DJs on the scene. Please check out for all up to date vd_news and hope to see you over there!!!!

Its been a busy month or so back here, and yet again I have had some wicked gigs and have met some amazing people. Anybody who knows me will know I am quite an emotional gal!!! So if your not – switch off a minute!!!! But just to say that if it weren’t for some of my really good friends and family then I wouldn’t be doing all the fantastic things that I am doing now. Its so important when you are booting around from one place to the next to have great friends that are there to keep you sane. So big big special thanks to Alix, Hannah, Dan, Vicky, Chris Bailey, Andrea, Sarah PVC, Zoe and Blu and obviously my Mum and Dad for always being there and for helping me through what has been a very hectic and personally challenging period of my life of late!!!!!

Soppy bit over – back to the music!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said – I’ve had some fab gigs and have met some great people. It all kicked off with an amazing gig in Tallin in Estonia at the end of March. What a club – packed with 1200 people all bouncing around to a banging sound system, brilliant entertainers and a superb laser display. I loved playing there and hope to be back by the end of the year. Many thanks to Sharkboy and Eros for looking after me so well and to resident DJ Roland for allowing me to gatecrash his set as well!!!!!

Shortly after Estonia came the trip over to County Wexford in Southern Ireland with fellow Angelz Miss Behavin and Sophie Sugar. Rob and the gang did us proud with a fabulous hotel and brilliant venue for the Charlys Angelz tour, and the place was indeed pumping by the time Miss Behavin was banging out the hard trancers. We had a wicked night and many thanks to the guys over there and also Leno for looking after me in Dublin and Geoff the Hat for making the long long journey to come and see us.

April went so so quickley with gigs at my new residency down at R U Unique? where I played alongside the ever lovely DJ Dubyah and Slinkys resident Jon Gurd. I know I always rant about how wicked the Cheekys events are – but they are wicked. And now they have completley taken over Tremors down in Salisbury, its even better cos now we completely run amok!!! I’m down there again this weekend back with Luke and Jon for another night of who knows what – but its a brillant club and a great laugh so hope to see you there.

And then finally just last week I was playing over in Germany at The Live Music Circus in Koethen. Now what a club this is!!!! Its been headlined by some of the biggest DJ’s in the world including my personal DJ God Paul Van Dyke – so to be playing there was extremely daunting to say the least. The club holds 3000 people and is literally in a Circus Big Top in the middle of the German Countryside. Its a phenominal site when you are driving up to it!!!! I had a fantastic night there and played alongside another female DJ from Thailand – Queen Nakiada – who I have to say is a future star wihtout doubt in her own right. We both played pumping trance sets and hopefully she will be joining me at Charlys in Ibiza over the summer as part of her European tour. Many many thanks to Dietmar for being my tour guide, driver and interpreter!!!! and also to DJ Chris – LMC’s resident DJ. I’ve had many messages from LMC regulars since the event – thankyou to everyone thats written to me and I hope to see you all again soon.

Before I mention my other gigs coming up, just to say I also played at the wonderful Bubble down at the Great Escape in Bournemouth which is going from strength to strength and is packing the place out every other Wednesday – thanks to Chris for having me there. And also to say I played a set down on new Internet radio station New Tech Pirates ( on Bank Holiday Monday and got some great feedback from as far away as Canada on there, so thanks to Vinyl Justice for having me play down there and hello to Cindy Cutz and Rob Da DJ who wrote in so many times to the chatroom. I’ll be back down there on May 21st so please do tune in then.

So, whats coming up???? Well, check out my events page – I’ll be in Salisbury as already mentioned this weekend, and then Manchester and Liverpool the following weekend, Turin (Italy) and New Tech Pirates again the weekend after and then catch me, Chris and the rest of the Fire 107.6FM crew doing interviews down at Homelands the weekend after.

And then its Adios Amigos – back to the sun, sangria and lots of fun in Ibiza for what promises to be another season of madness. I’ll be back in the UK for gigs throughout the summer so keep an eye on my events page too.

Look forward to partying with some of you either out there or when I’m back home.

Until the next installment take care,

Vicky xxx

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