Its All Glamour!!!!!

I can’t believe that I am already sat here writing the last vd_news item of 2004!!! This year has absolutely flown by…….literally!! With 2004 beginning with my weekly residency in Sauze D’Oulx, and then continuing with the Charlys Angelz tour in New Zealand and Australia, the Ibiza season, the weekly gigs in Majorca, and other gigs in Ireland, Germany, Dubai, Greece, Estonia and Turin to name but a few……I feel like I’ve spent most of the year on a plane!!!!

And the flights don’t stop there!!!!!! 2004 looks set to finish just as busy as it started with gigs coming up in Andorra this weekend, Scotland the weekend after (at Jaques in Dundee with Judge Jules), BCM in Majorca for Christmas and at Fabrique in Moscow for the New Year with Charlys Angelz. I can see me doing my Christmas shopping in duty free this year!!!!!

In addition I have a couple of fantastic UK gigs coming up too – one at the amazing Pams House event in Norwich – a firm fave with me, and another in Leeds on Boxing day – details still to be confiirmed so I will update on this ASAP.

I said in my last vd_news item that I was working back in the studio – and indeed this has been the case for the last few weeks. The result has been a stormer of a trance track in collaboration with some guys I am working with down in Bournemouth, and this should be doing the rounds on CDR pretty soon! I am again back in the studio again over the coming month in collaboration with two other well estabilished producers, and this I am really excited about. Don’t want to say too much about any of the tracks right now, but will update as soon as things are happening.

So, to finish my last vd_news item of 2004……..this has been another year of extreme highs and lows for me. A phrase that was coined by myself and Sarah G on our way back from a horrendous journey to Greece in the summer kind of sums the whole year up really – “Its all Glamour!!!” Taken literally this obviously includes the aforementioned travelling to some wicked places around the world, the absolutely amazing gigs that I have been so privilidged to DJ at this year – Judgement Sundays at Eden, Knowwhere at the Fridge, Angelz of Funk at BCM in Majorca, and the many many Charlys Angelz nights that have happened here there and everywhere this year……….and this has also led me to meet some really amazing people too and make some great friends both in and out of the industry.

Taken sarcastically however – the “its all glamour” phrase can also reflect just how tough some things can be sometimes nomatter how glamourous they may appear on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having an end of year whinge, and I have to say that the stories that come out of the ridiculous situations you end up in whilst living this kind of lifestyle certainly provide interesting conversation topics at many an afterparty…….but I’ve lost track of the number of people that tell me what a Glamourous lifestyle I lead…..hnec the phrase!!!! Take for instance that “its all glamour” was coined as Sarah and I were pelting through Athens airport with two suitcases and record bags with only twenty minutes until our flight to London was leaving ( the last flight of the night) and we still hadn’t reached our check in desk – thats bad enough for the old blood pressure on its own without the fact that we had been up all night and had already been travelling for 12 hours to get to Athens airport in 40 degree heat. Just one example of the trauma sometimes involved to get to a gig and back again!!!!!! I can run a list as long as my arm of stories about being turned away from check in desks, being charged stupid amounts to get records abroad, flight delays, cars breaking down – even being stuck in a blizzard halfway up a mountain!!!!!! “Its all Glamour” can also be used sarcastically to illustrate that despite loving what I do…..the lows of everyday life can still knock you sideways when they happen even if you appear to be just getting on with it! I touched on one of the major lows of this year when I wrote the vd_news last month with the passing away of Sarah PVC who is of course still being missed – Christmas and New Year will indeed be a quieter place without her this year.

New Year is always a time for reflection of what you have acheived in the past year – and this I am of course pretty pleased with. It is also a time for new beginnings and to look forward to what can be acheived in the coming year, and with so many things in the pipeline – tunes, another season in Ibiza on the cards, some amazing plans in collaboration with BCM in Majorca, more work with Kiss 100FM in London and some fantastic gigs to look forward to, – things at the mo seem to be looking pretty cool for 2005 too! I’m sure there will be also many more hair-raising tales to add to the “Its all Glamour” list before the years out too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all thats left to say really is to wish everyone a very happy Christmas wherever you may be or whatever you are doing. Hope to see some of you at one of my gigs over the coming month and look forward to partying hard with the rest throughout what will hopefully be a wicked 2005.

Till 2005 then!

Vicky D xxx

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