Ibiza 2007 – Here we Go!!

I always say it at the beginning of every summer season – I can’t believe it has come round so quickly!!!!! and yes – here we are again at the beginning of a brand new Ibiza season and raring to go with a multitude of opening parties on the way in the next week alone. i personally went over to Ibiza last Wednesday to take my first load of stuff over there – I basically spend the majority of my summer on the island as I have done for the past 6 years and every year is the same mission of getting everything over there. This year it is slightly easier in that i am not taking any vinyl with me. As much as i love playing vinyl, I have finally succumbed to the fact I literllay can’t carry the volume of tracks that i need out there over on the ever decreasing luggage allowance given on the airlines!!!!!! Plus, having played nothing but CD’s fot the past 2 years pretty much most of my stuff is now in that format anyway – so getting all my tunes over is much much easier. I have even managed to back up pretty much all my classic tranjce now for Charlys Angelz (where we play loads of classic house and trance) – so am all set and ready to go!!!!

Last Friday saw the opening of Eden where I am resident for Judgement Sundays. Judgement doesn’t open for another week but Eden tradtionally opens the week before. I always try and attend and am never disappointed as this is one opening party that i always love. The music was ace but more than that – eden have made alot of changes to the club itself this year with a brand new DJ booth in the main room being one of those changes. I can’t wait to play in that next week!!!!

The past few months leading up to Ibiza have been very busy for me – hence the reason why I am again behind with my news. Gigs have included The Syndicate (Blackpool), Out Of Order, House Concept, St Andrews Ball, Mezzanine (Mexico), Charlys Angelz (Bridgend), Five and Lime and most recently the Bath University Ball, and I have also been back in the studio working on some new tracks and doing a few updates to some others.

Firstly the gigs – The Syndicate up in Blackpool was one of the most amazing nights I have ever played. Apart from the fact it was a Judgement night which always rock – the Sundicate is just an incredible venue and the crowd on this particular bank holiday night were nothing less than awesome. Many thanks to Charlie, Jules and Fubar and to the many people who have messaged me since the night showing their support. I’m obviously at Judgement every week over in Ibiza throughout the summer but there will be more UK Judgements again next winter so keep an eye out for those.

Out of Order was also wicked over in Newbury – many thanks to Matty and the lads for having me there and apologies for my very wrecked boyfreind!!! hahaha House Concept – equally as wicked although I think my tougher electro style house was not exactly what they were expecting they seemed to love it nonetheless!! Many thanks to ben and Craig for that one. The Rugby Ball up in St Andrews was yet another excellent night organised by Charlie Duthie who always looks after me well up that neck of the woods. I DJ’d alongside Radio One’s DJ Spoony and an really great night had by all. So much so that I already have dates confirmed for the winter months which i will be posting on the site very soon.

Then it was off to Mexico for a 2 weeks residency at Mezzanine in Tulum. I did this last year so I kind of new what to expect – the parties down this neck of the woods rock and are increasing in reputation. the two nights I played down there were nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!! photos will be posted on here very soon and I hope to be back doing some parties again during the winter next year.

Upon my return I had a Charlys Angelz Tour date at Lava and Ignite in Bridgend. We have in fact now done quite a few Charlys Angelz tour nights at a number of Luminar leisure clubs throughout the winter months. Some have been amazing, some not quite so – but this one was pumping. The crowd over in Wales definately know how to party and those guys in Bridgend were no exception. Towards the end of the night we were banging out the trance and harder stuff which is always great. I obviously play house / electro also but the welsh crew were wanting something a bit tougher so always great to be able to bang out some trance. Many thanks to everyone in Bridgend for an excellent night.

Five and Lime was on the last May Bank Holiday and this is tradtionally the last weekend I spend in the Uk before I go back to Ibiza. there was so much on that weekend and I was trying to split myself into four so that I could do my gig as well as attend Gatecrasher summer sound Synstem, Gods kitchen Open air and Judgement Sundays at Heaven!!! I would have loved to have been in all four but physically couldn’t make anything apart from my gig – and I wasn’t disappointed anyway!! Five and Lime is a bar / pub in Gulidford that has an outdor terrace where they have put on numerous house gigs in recent months – and the vibe they have down there is wicked!!! The crowd again were well up for it – and even though the terrace is outdoor (yet thankfully covered) – and we were in the midlle of a huge storm when my set began – everyone partied on and apart from the loss of power twice during my set which was apparently due to the sheer volume of water that was cascading onto the terrace and god knows elsewhere – i don’t think any of us ntoiced the weather!!!! It was a great party. Big thanks to Jimi Deja and Scott Bennett for having me there.

So I flew back to Ibiza last week taking my first delivery of clothes and music out there and then flew back this weekend to headline the dance tent at Bath Uni’s graduation ball. I have to say i was slightly nervous about doing so. Bath is not really know for its huge pumping dance scene and actually many of the students from what I”d heard were into bands etc. Indeed when i arrived the dance tent was empty due to the Wurzels playing in the “band” tent!!!! I was scared!!!! But I needn’t have been. They loved electro – obviously its massive at the moment anyway – but they really loved it here and I even played some trancey numbers too!!! So all good – and many thanks to Mike for booking me there and to Jon Grigg the other DJ playing in the tent that night.

I fly back to Ibiza tomorrow with my second load of stuff – and thats me out there pretty much for the whole summer then. Charlys Angelz opens this coming Saturday and I will be updating my space’s and DSI’s as well as the Charlys website with all news and photos so please do keep an eye on those. And then its the big one this coming Sunday with the Judgement Sundays opening party. Always a massive highlight of my year and I can’t wait to get going with my residency there again.

Just to mention quickly on the tune front – please keep and Eye out for my remix of Solstice’s “Edge of the Ocean” which is forthcoming on Insatiable Records. Eternal Dream is also coming soon and the Silver Whispers Package is almost complete also. I have also finished a brand new track which I have yet to name – but that should be doing the rounds also very soon!

So – Ibiza 2007 – here we go!! if you are out on the island please come and say hi!!!!

Look forward to seeing many of you over there,

Vicky D xx

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