Guest Mix on Judge Jules’s International Global Warm Up Radio Show

Has it really been two months since I wrote my last news article?! I can’t believe its actually been that long already since the Ibiza closing parties!! Things have been pretty manic since I left the White Isle back at the beginning of October though so I guess thats my excuse for not having written for so long on this occasion!

As you can see by the title of the news, I am really excited to announce that I have been asked to do a guest mix for Judge Jules’s International Global Warm Up Radio Show. It is an honour to be joining a list of top trance DJ’s who have previously played on his show which transmits weekly across the USA, Russia, The Middle East and Europe. It also gives me a chance to showcase some of my newest material so please do tune in if you get chance.

Talking about my newest tracks – this is one of the reasons that I have been so busy since getting back to the UK. I spent virtually an entire week locked in the studio with the very talented Greg Brookman and several million cups of tea!!!!! The result was a slightly tweaked version of Silver Whispers which I now think is sounding really wicked (although I would obviously say that!!), and I also came out with a brand new track called Eternal Dream – a bit of an epic trancer which I really am over the moon with. Both tracks are now being remixed by some fab trance jocks so please do keep an eye out for these early 2007.

I’m also pleased to say that I’ve been pretty busy on the gig front since I returned to the UK. Upon my return I was straight back on a plane for the first few weeks for a tour throughout India with The Smirnoff Experience. The tour was supposed to include gigs in Goa, Mumbai, Chandigahr and Bangalore and obviously a few days of sightseeing in between! As it happened the gigs in Bangalore were unfortunately cancelled (mainly due to licensing restrictions outside of Smirnoffs control), so instead I perfromed at gigs in Goa and Mumbai (as planned) and then another gig in Mumbai before returning back to the UK. I cannot speak highly enough of the event that I performed at in Goa – the club was wicked, the crowd were immense and even though I was originally only supposed to be playing for a couple of hours, I ended up playing for nearly 4!!!! It was that good! Many thanks to Thanush, Xerxes and Neha for organising the events and my stay, and also to David, Ajit, Clement, Medic Marty and everyone else in Goa who looked after me so well. Many thanks also to the guys at Enigma and Insomnia in Bombay and also to everyone at Smirnoff (by the way – Smirnoff Green Apple Twist is definately worth trying!!!!!!). Press articles from the tour and photos will be on the site shortly.

The gigs continued when I finally got back with sets throughout the UK at The Waterfront (Abroath, Scotland), Native (Club North, Manchester), Pams House (UEA, Norwich), BCM Reunion Weekender (Presatyn Wales), and Charlys Angelz (Lava and Ignite, Burnley). I am very pleased to say that each and every one of these events were absolutely wicked. Beginning with the Waterfront in Scotland – this club has been around for donkeys years, but with new management at the helm there are some wicked nights beginning to reappear at what I think is a fantastic venue – including La Playa which is the night I played at. Many thanks to everyone at the Waterfront for a great night (and to everyone that turned up in their Halloween fancy dress outfits!!!), and also to Charlie Duthie who always looks after me so well. I’ll hopefully be back up there again within the very near future.

Moving onto Native at Club North in Manchester – this is a night that I have been trying to get a set at ever since it began just over a year ago. Being a Goodgreef subsidery night it already has a great following and I join a long list of top trance DJ’s that have played there. I was really chuffed to be given the chance to not only play at Native but also play at such a good night in my home city!!! Many thanks to Barry for having me down to play and also to Andy Hames, Adam Copack and Jordan Suckley who also contributed to what was a wicked night.

A very special mention has to go to the next event I played – Pams House at UEA in Norwich. There is nothing else to say except this night ROCKS!!!!! I played the last set of the night with local resident Danny Burch. We were following Andy Whitby and Adam Sheridan who had already collectively blown the roof off – not an easy job to follow!!!! However, we did, and I have to say both Danny and myself thoroughly enjoyed every second, even taking time during the set to each do a little stage dance on the huge Pams stage! Many thanks to Danny Pams for having me play again, to everyone at Pams house who supported our set and who came in their Children in Need fancy Dress outfits, and also not forgetting the brilliant Danny Burch who allowed me to share his local fame (this guy really has an incredible amount of support at Pams and rightly so!). We went on to play at the after party at Lava and Ignite until the early hours. Needless to say I had very little sleep,but it was worth every second because as afterparties go – this is one of the best!

On the Saturday i had to make the trip from Norwich to the other side of the country to Prestatyn in Wales for the BCM reunion. Its a good five hour drive and with a belting hangover from the previous night at Pams and a very tired boyfriend it was indeed a mission. However – it was definatly worth it when we reached the other end, and it did not deter us from drinking even more Vodka and partying until 9am the following morning. Many things have been written on various forums about the BCM Reunion weekender. I’d just like to say that there were a number of behind the scenes events that affected the weekend that were out of both BCM’s and UAP’s control, but they battled on and in my opinion still managed to pull off a pretty wicked party. Many thanks to Gordon and Oscar for yet another year of fabulous BCMness both here and in Majorca, to all the people that partied regardless – good on you guys – and also to the people that were still going for my set on the Sunday. I have received quite a few messages about this set and I really appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to another year in Majorca for summer 2007.

And then onto Burnley for Charlys Angelz at Lava and Ignite. Now some of you may have seen a debate recently on DSI which basically boils down to the fact that there are apparently some other local “Angels” who also run a night in Burnley, and the arrival of our tour did not go down too well with people who knew about this event. Well, just to say that anyone that knows me will know I have been promoting Charlys Angelz in Ibiza since the summer of 2001 where it has been an exteremly succesful night ever since, not to mention several tour dates in clubs around the world and now we are running a new UK tour alongisde Luminar. Whilst some people obviously deem Luminar clubs to be “cheesy” venues, I can assure you that myself as a DJ and Charlys Angelz are certianly not. I will not deny that in certain clubs, both myself and all the girls that play for the Charlys nights and on the tour will on occasion have to play a more commercially orientated set than they usually do either because of the crowd they are playing to or because of the club we are in. But I would like to argue that any DJ worth his salt will do the same – even the bigger names. I would argue that being able to adapt is what sets some DJ’s apart from the rest. I have made my point, but just to say also that this was a wicked night nonetheless. The crowd were fantastic, the resident DJ’s and staff all wicked also. We will be back with further Charlys Angelz UK tour dates in 2007 so feel free to check out the Charlys website for further information. I will be uploading the Burnley photos to the site and DSI ASAP.

So, with Christmas and New Year on the Horizon – the partying is not about to stop. I have gigs coming up in Portsmouth, Majorca and Scotland throughout December and a number of Guest Mixes coming out on various stations also. Please do tune into the Global Warm Up mix on 16th December if you can, and also keep an ear open for both Silver Whispers and Eternal Dream which will both be out on promo very soon.

Until then keep partying and I will write soon (I promise!!!! haha),

Vicky D xx

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