Going Down Under!

Time really does fly when you are having fun and Oh My God – where has the last two months gone since I wrote my last update!!!???? Very scary how quickly Christmas and New Year passed and how long ago they both seem now that we are already in February!!!!!

Bit belated I know, but I hope everyone had a wicked festive season. Mine was predictably messy, and I spent New Years Eve partying at The Syndicate in Blackpool with Alex and Brandon and good friend Ray Davies. What an awesome club this is – get your arse there if you havn’t been already because its well worth the trip!!!!

Anyway, the main reason I haven’t written so far this year is because I’ve been mega busy. Not complaining of course – its wicked to be out and about all over the place and I am loving every minute.

I kicked off the new year by starting my weekly residency in the Italian Ski resort – Sauze D’Oulx, where I am currently playing every Thursday alongside DJ Jaffa – the insane Shuss Bar resident and who some may know from Sergeant Peppers in Ibiza. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him and the rest of the Shuss Bar posse for getting me completely legless each and every Thursday and for winding me up by requesting Black Eyed Peas at least once during the night!!! But in all seriousness, I absolutly love playing over there every week (if Ryanair allow me to get there that is!!!!), and the nights have been wicked so far this season.

In the UK, I had a great gig down at Voltz in Blandford at the beginning of January alongside the Cheeky DJ’s – tis always a wicked vibe down there and I look forward to working alongside the RPM and Cheeky crew in the future with some possible new events……so watch this space for that!!!

This was followed a week later by a gig down at Rush at Club 414 in Brixton where I warmed up for the lovely DJ Jana. Rush has an absolutly banging music policy, and to be fair, my style was probably a bit slow for these hardstyle nutters!!!! but I met Gareth and Jana in Ibiza last summer and Jana played at Charlys Angelz out there with me and so the favour was returned by them booking me for their event despite my more trancey style. I had a fab time down there and would like to thank both of them for sorting me out and having me play at their extremely popular event, and again look forward to working with both of them in the future.

So its onwards and upwards……….or downwards as the case may be, as I am about to set off on a Charlys Angelz tour down under!!! Yep, myself and fellow Flipside DJ Eve Carey are heading to New Zealand and Australia this week for a four date tour which will take us just under two weeks to complete – and I am absolutly over the moon to be returning to Australia to see all my friends in Sydney and also to be visiting “Middle Earth”!!!!! I’ll let you know how it all goes when I get back – I’m sure there will be stories to tell with two Angelz set on the loose out there!!!!! – closely following in Miss Behavin’s footsteps who has herself just spent the last couple of months out there and who also has had an awesome time!!

There’s lots going on when I return as well (please check out my events page for all listings) including some fantastic dates over in Ireland and I’ll also be making my debut for Pams House in the UK where I’ll be playing alongside Lisa Pin-Up and Anne Savage at the beginning of March.

So its all systems go………and lots going on. Please do come and say hello if you happen to be at any of my gigs over the next few months.

- oh, and one other thing – you may remember that last summer I helped to co-ordinate and present Fire in Ibiza live from Cafe Mambo alongside Chris Bailey. Well, the station have just entered all the work we did out there last summer for the Sony Awards nominations. Obviously that means, if they like our entry, then we could be up for an award. Again, I’ll let you know how we get on, but in the mean time please keep all fingers, toes, arms, legs and whatever else crossed as this would be a truly amazing achievement for all of us!!!!

So until the next time, take care and happy clubbing,

Vicky xxx

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