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Well, Can you beleive that I am writing my first Post Ibiza news on December 5th???? I blamed my last delay in keeping up with this on my drunken antics in Ibiza but – I have no such excuses this time (except weekend upon weekend of parties!!!!). And I now owe it to my Dad who finally kicked my arse into gear after checking up on me and asking why I hadn’t updated my website lately……….and so hear I am with my updated news!!!!!

I actually arrived back in the UK on October 18th – over three weeks after writing my final news when I was in Ibiza. During that time I did the last two Angelz of Funk parties at BCM, the closing party at Play 2 and then finally the Grand closing party at BCM on my final weekend – not to mention a very messy weekend with BCM Directors Gordon and Oscar at the Space closing party in between ( I never did get to see much of the solar Eclipse that day!!!!!!!!!!). So a very drunken end to the season as predicted and a fabulous party to leave the Balearics at BCM where we had 3500 in on that last Saturday in October – a phenominal night.

On my return, I had no sooner got off the plane ………and I was straight back on it again!!!!I headed over to Sri Lanka on the first weekend of my return for a gig with The Smirnoff Experience. A very long journey indeed for one night, but worth it nonetheless. All the guys that are involved with the Smirnoff parties in that region are true partyheads and they put so so much time and effort into what they do and into getting legless in order to enjoy it. The weather however, decided not to play ball!!!! It pissed it down for the whole time I was there and conseqently the extravagent beach party that had been organised with the expectation of a good few thousand had to be moved indoors into a neighbouring beach building. I would call it a hut, but it was way way bigger and held a good few hundred, and therefore despite the weather we partied on!!! In fact we partied right the way to me stepping on the plane and then I had to endure the mega flight home on no sleep in a vodka induced haze followed by a 3 hour drive from Gatwick airport back home!!!! All for the cause though and big big thanks go to Xerxes, Thanush and Gaurav for another great night. See you at New Year guys!!!!!

Back in the UK and the following weekend I had gigs at lovely Lizzie Curious’s night Relish in Cheltenham, and then at the massive Westfest event at the Royal Bath and West Showground. I played for Lizzie again this weekend just gone in aid of Oxfam – always a good night down there and many thanks to Lizzie for having me down there twice in the space of a month!!!!. As for Westfest – what can I say??? I was booked to play the Slinky arena and I must say was pretty nervous before I went down. The venue is huge and holds ALOT of people (10,000 to be exact) and the Slinky arena which backed onto the Bionic arena was pretty big in itself. I had an amazing time playing down there although my set was slightly harder than my usual – I was after Dave Lea and before Andy Farley after all!!! So a dose of harder trance it was and I really didn’t want to come off at the end of my set which was peak time as well. Was loving it. Many thanks to Dave for arranging the gig.

Since then its all been a bit of a whirlwind – settling back at home, catching up with friends and further gigs at Chic up in Bolton for my residency at their 2 funky night, for BBC’s Children in Need at Turnmills and at the Fantastic Escape in Wales not to mention the Big Reunion up in Skegness. All these events were fantastic in their own right – 2 Funky in Bolton because it is always a wicked gig up there with the 2 Funky Crew and its like a little home to me now playing up there once a month, Turnmills – because between the DJ’s on that day we managed to raise nearly 500 quid for Children in Need, The Escape because – well, its The Escape (somewhere I have wanted to play at for years and years and big thanks to Big Al and Kerry for a wicked night), and The Big Reunion – well what can I say – lived up to all expectations as being a very messy affair indeed!!!! Big thanks to Chris and Eddie for arranging that one and look forward to a double weekender up there next year.

So, as we gallop towards Christmas and New Year I have a very hectic few months ahead. Please do check my events page to see where I’ll be over the coming weeks. Also, just to update on the tune situation – I have some very exciting news with regards to Entravanse so please continue to watch this space. A bit too early to say just yet, but should be able to announce over the coming weeks. In addition, a much revamped Echoed Kisses is doing the rounds and I should have some further news on this track soon also.

Thats me updated pretty much!! But will not be leaving it two months until my next installment!!!!!!!


Vicky D xxxxx

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