Entravanse signed to Drizzly for February Release and Other New Year News

Well I promised I wouldn’t leave it another two months – and I have kept to my promise……….JUST!!!!!

First things first – a belated Happy New Year to everyone.

Christmas and New Year was an extremely hectic one for me this year although no complaints as it included some amazing gigs as well!!!!! In order these were………

A pre Christmas shindig up at my residency (2 Funky at Chic in Bolton – usual laughs and much Budweiser drunk up there). Then Gloria over in Finland on 16th December which was a totally awesome night of full on trance (big thanks to Terhi, Tommy, Wert and the gang for having me there plus hey to Peetu, great to meet you). On 23rd Dec I headed back to Estonia for a night I hadn’t played at before but which turned into a vodka induced haze. Needless to say if it hadn’t been for fantastic promotor Tanel I would definately have missed my flight (hey to Kermo for another drunken afterparty!!!). Then it was on to BCM in Majorca with an extreme hangover, about two hours sleep and a journey which took me via Frankfurt. When I arrived in Majorca late on Xmas Eve I found out that not only did BCM manager Gordon have zero electricity (hence no power for hair straighteners to get ready!!!!!!), but that also, Ian Shepherd that was due to be playing at Tito’s that night had missed his flight and that I was being drafted in to cover. So Christmas Eve passed in a bit of a blur of last minute getting ready actually at the club, playing first set at BCM, being whisked to Tito’s, playing second set of the night there and then returning to Gordons House for another carnage Christmas day at his villa. I completely missed Christmas dinner and woke up on boxing day with yet another hangover!!! Hungover flights are something I am getting used to and Boxing Day was no different as I had to fly from Majorca to Gatwick and then drive from there to Bournemouth for my gig that night at the Opera House. Again it was a debut for me playing at a night run by some of the old ‘Cheekies’ lads called Frenzie. Apart from the swinging decks it was actually a wicked night and I hope to be back there again soon. Then on to New Year. I had a few days rest between Xmas and New Year…. in fact I chilled out so much that I nearly got the day wrong for my flight to India which is where I was playing on New Years Eve. A sixth sense told me to double check and in the middle of the night with just six hours to go until flight departure I realised!!!!! Another mad rush and lots of swearing later I made it to Heathrow and onto the flight although I missed yet another nights sleep and had a twenty hour journey after that!!!! Who said this job is glamourous???? Anyway the point is I eventually got to Bangalore, was treated like a queen there for my entire stay (Big thanks to Oum, Ken, Mukel and everyone at Taj West End ), the New Year went with a bang – great party… and again I should be back in India soon.

Second week in January I was back in the mountians in beautiful Sauze DOulx where I had a weekly residency a few years ago. This time though playing at two bigger parties in larger club Banditos just up the road from Shuss Bar where I used to play. It was pretty chilly but both parties rocked – the Friday night one being in fancy dress – photos coming soon!!!! Thankyou to H an Andrea for having me an am back doing the same two parties there in March so really looking forward to that!!!!

And then literally just two days later I was back on a plane flying to Cancun in Mexico. I am actually staying in a smaller town South of Cancun called Tulum and that is where I am writing from right now. I am staying here for two weeks escaping the UK winter which I hate and playing on a beach bar every day (maybe this job is glamourous after all – (and big thanks to Filthy Gorgeous Jamie Gittins for arranging my break in the sun!!!!). Its not all sunning though – like I said am DJ’ing every afternoon for three hours on the beach bar at Mezzanine, and am also doing the big weekend parties – the first of which was last Friday and lets just say they def know how to party in this neck of the woods!!! Am really looking forward to the next one but maybe not as much Tequila next time!!!!!

I am then heading back down to Ecuador to play at a friends birthday party / general excuse to have another party at Club Fizz – Happy Birthday Julio!!!!!! and another beach party down there before returning to the UK in mid Feb. Seemed rude not to visit there whilst I am in this part of the world and never one to turn down a reason to DJ and party!!!!

In the mean time I may be away but I still have lots going on!!!! As you can see by the title of the news, my first solo track “Entravanse” has been signed to Drizzly and is due for release on their Illuminate sublabel around the time when I get back. The track has also already been reviewed in IDJ magazine, and there are reviews also due out in Mixmag and M8 magazines so watch out for those. The follow up – “Echoed Kisses” is due for similar exciting stuff so watch out for that also.

In addition I will very soon be launching a brand new Vickydevine.com with lots of new features and info, and I will also be announcing some exciting news for this coming summer.

So its all systems go for 2006. I wish you a happy new year once again from sunny Mexico and will write again soon.

With love,

Vicky D xxxx

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