Echoed Kisses signed to Drizzly

True to my word I am doing my very best to keep up with my news articles – and therefore hopefully keeping my new website completely up to date. So far so good!!!!!

Its been another fantastic month with lots of news to tell. The first and most important bit of news is concerning “Echoed Kisses” – my follow up solo track to Entravanse. I am so pleased with the success of Entravanse having received major radio play and excellent DJ support, and I think was almost more nervous about the follow up!!!! I have to say for this reason I did spend quite a long time getting the sound I wanted to acheive with Echoed Kisses (big thanks must again go to Ben Kaye my trusty engineer for his never ending patience on this one!!!) , but I am now really proud of the result. Not only that, but the track has now been remixed by Galaxy’s favourite trance jock – DJ Paul Kershaw, and the result is simply incredible. So the package was swiftly sent off to Drizzly whom released Entravanse back in March, and was immediatly snapped up again for release on their Illuminate label in the coming months. I have been quite guarded of both mixes up until now and in fact the only people that have copies so far are myself, Paul, associated engineers, Drizzly of course and one or two DJ friends including Adam White who immediatly made Pauls mix track of the week on his MOS show last week and is also playing the original mix in his sets (big thanks to Adam for his support). Please keep an eye out for the track which will be doing the rounds very soon when Drizzly do their mailout – I am certainly looking forward to all feedback and hope everyone likes the tracks as much as we do!

I have also been back in the studio with Greg Brookman in the past month or so and am very close to finishing my third solo track which I am also incredibly pleased with so far, and this will also be remixed shortly after by another very well known trance jock. Watch this space!

As for the gigs – its been a really great month on that front also. Beginning with an absolute corker at Turnmills at the end of March – I was so excited about playing there…………and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the set – which was the last set of the night at the club. So much so that at half 7 when I was supposed to finish, Turnmills kindly allowed me to keep going until quarter to eight and it was rocking. Big thanks to Gav Mytchell for arranging my gig down there and hopefully I will get to play there again at some stage!

Next up was Passion at the Emporium in Coalville – another wicked night had up there. Many thanks to Andy Bagguley for helping to arrange that one and to his brother for providing endless hours of entertainment throughout the night!!!!

The last bank holiday in April saw me heading out to Germany for a gig at Zapata in Stuttgart. A gippy tummy and 2 flights later saw me arrive there in a slightly worse for wear state although nothing that a bit of Jaegermeister couldn’t solve!!! The club was really cool and I was playing alongside Ibiza legends the Dirty Rotten DJ’s and Roque (the Saxophonist from Judgement Sundays). Big big thanks to Nick, Steff, Javier and everyone else that helped to make this a wicked weekend and I should be back playing out there in October.

And that brings us right up to date, and the weekend just gone where I was up in sunny Scotland. And believe it or not even though it rained everywhere else, it was actually sunny in Scotland – and dare I say quite warm at times. The weekend began at a student ball in St Andrews – not a gig this one – but just an excuse to generally have a laugh, take photos up mens kilts and cause absolute mayhem!! This obviously left us all with hangovers on the Sunday, but this was gig day and that was the reason I was there after all!!!!!!!!! I had to drag myself out of bed, but a fried brekky and a few coronas later and we were up at the Max Power Event at the Crail Racetrack where I was playing on the main stage (sponsored by Corona – hence the several hundred bottles that got consumed). It was a really fantastic day – with a really great crowd and lots of random antics and played alongside scottish DJ’s Paul Strachan and DJ Az who were both excellent as well! Please check the galleries as I will be putting all photos up very soon! Then it was onto Fat Sams for the afterparty, even more Corona and even more random antics. It was one of those days lets say!!!!! I must also say big big thanks to Charlie Duthie who organised the whole trip and just about everything associated with it and also his lovely fiancee Nicky (who incidentally outdrunk me on Corona’s I think!!!). Also big thanks to Paul who let me sit in the driving seat of his lovely Ferrari and who also helped look after a drunken me on Saturday night, and Willy the pig who organised my helicopter ride and generally provided much humour!!! Truly wicked weekend and again hope to be back up that way very soon.

So – think thats about it for now. I have three weeks remaining before heading back to the White Isle (I cannot beleive its come around so quickly), but summer is looking fantastic and I have a few more things lined up to announce – which I’ll tell you all about in the next installment.

For now its goodbye from me, watch out for the badgers (don’t ask me – ask Eve Carey about that little joke!!!!), and I’ll write with more news very soon.


Vicky D x

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