Busy Bird!!


Again – I can’t believe its over six weeks since I wrote my last newsy bit, and again – what a wicked but extremely busy six weeks it has been!!!!

Since my last installment, I have been on tour in Australia and New Zealand, have played three further gigs in Italy and have played fantastic gigs at the mighty Pams House and the brand new Pure Motion night in Wales – which has now earnt me the name “Busy Bird” from some of my friends!!!

Australia and New Zealand I have to say were both amazing. I played in Australia this time last year and made alot of very good friends, so it was nice to return and see them for one. But even more exciting was to introduce the Charlys Angelz brand in conjunction with Flipside DJ’s to the Ozzy and Kiwi clubbers – and also to spend two whole weeks with the lovely and very talented Miss Eve Carey – the brummy funky diva that she is!!!! Needless to say we had an absolute ball whilst we were out there – mostly getting wrecked, but also playing the ever important gigs – two in New Zealand (Coast and Mansion) and two in Australia (Bohem and Trancology). We both kept video diaries of the whole thing, and hopefully I’ll have some Mpegs up on both this site and the Charlys site very soon so you can check some of it out (although i think some of the video will definatly have to be edited!!!!!) Must say a big thanks to all the antipodean gang – Sherman, Jason, Simon and Sam for making the tour possible and obviously Flipside at this end also. In addition big hi’s to Dave “The Legend” Faul and Mark Carlisle who proved to be our most dedicated DJ Bitches and groupies to date, as well as some of the best guys I have ever met to boot – thanks for everything all of you!!!!

So as we staggered off the plane on our return to the UK, Eve shot up to do her next gig in Scotland, and I went first to Italy for my weekly residency at the Shuss bar, and then on to Wales with fellow Angelz Miss Behavin and Sophie Sugar for our debut at Pure Motion in Llantrisant. What a night that was!!!!!!!!!!!! Really great club, really great people running the night, and really, really great afterparty which I can’t remember the end of!!!! Really hope to be going back there again…….so watch this space for the next installment! Thanks to Lee and the rest of the gang for looking after us all so well.

And then finally onto Pams House. I have been really close friends with promotors Danny and Jamie since I was resident for their night (in conjunction with Tonic) last summer at Eden in Ibiza, so was really chuffed to be asked to play at one of the UK events not only to relive the madness of last summer, but to be playing at what is fast becoming known as one of the UK’s best events (check out Mixmag this month!!) alongside Lisa Pin-Up. And indeed, I can’t argue – it is indeed one of the best events I have played to date. Great crowd, quality venue, fantastic production and again – quailty after party (Carry on Pams at Lockstock) which I also played at and which also got incredibly messy. Would like to say thanks to all the Pams House crew, Sarah PVC and Rick who accompanied me and to the people that have emailed me since about my set. Its obviously always wicked to get positive feedback and hope to be playing down there again soon. It was also wicked to get a shout out for my set on Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems on the sunday night after…….which I was over the moon about!!!!!

So whats next. Well, this weekend I am off to do an Ibiza night over in estonia which is quite exciting. Its my debut, and therefore i’ll have to tell you what its like when i get back!!!! I’ve heard its an amazing night so i’m really looking forward to it. Then, throughout the coming weeks I have gigs lined up in Italy, Southern Ireland, Salisbury (UK), Germany and Liverpool (UK) to name but a few. All these events and more are listed on my events page, so please do check it out and try and come to one of them!!!!!!

Also, I am having a few changes and updates happening with the site – so please do keep checking back as there is lots of new stuff going on soon.

Until the next time then take care and happy clubbing!!


Vicky xx

PS Watch out also for vd_news on Charlys Angelz in Ibiza 2004 – check out our website www.charlysangelz.com and also www.flipsidedjs.com for all up to date news and info

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