All Systems Go

Well, it really is all systems go out here in ibiza now and I have had one of the best months of my DJng career ever!!!!!

I mentioned in last months vd_news that I was playing at the massive BCM superclub over in Majorca. Well, that has now become a weekly gig for the now popular Angelz of Funk night, and I am there each and every Friday with fellow angelz on rotation. Its such an honour to play in such a massive club alongside some of the best female DJs in the industry, and I would just like to say a massive thanks to Gordon and Oscar for their support and belief in me!!!!

Back in Ibiza and again I have played some of the best gigs of my life!!!! One which I must mention is Judgement Sundays!!! This has for some years now been San Antonios busiest night and a night which all trance and hard dance DJs would kill to play at!!! So again, I was massively honoured when I was firstly asked to play the close down set after Eddie Halliwell about three weeks ago! I was so nervous going on after such a technically amazing and ever popular Judgment Sunday resident especially as the place was absolutely rammed. But I had a wicked time and there was still a jam packed dance floor when I finished at seven so I was an extremely happy DJ. But as if that wasnt enough, I had a phonecall last night asking if i wanted to do the warm up for Judge Jules!!!!! I was only given a few hours notice so was mega nervous again…..but the adrenalin took over when I was up there. Once Jules turned up I was then asked if I also wanted to play the closing set as Eddie Halliwell had had problems with his flight and couldnt make it, so i went back on again after Lisa Lashes again to a packed and mad up for it crowd. What an absolutely awesome night for me and a real privilidge to play 4 hours in such a great night!!!!

Last but by no means least, I also ploayed the mighty Space terrace last Friday for Alex Ps birthday. It was obviously on a much more funky tip than the sets I banged out at Judgement!!!!, but to be playing on the Space terrace again gives a massive adrenalin rush and it was a truly fantastic day. I DJd for two hours at the end back 2 back with Tristan Ingram to a full terrace – definately a gig that will be remembered for a long time to come!!!!!!

There has been lots of other stuff going on for me over here as well. Obviously the reports I have been doing for Steve Smarts Kiss FM show every Saturday night are a huge thing for me and Ive had some really great feedback from those so thanks to all for listening!!!

I have also been playing at many of the workers parties, particularly the ones down at Play 2 where I also run Charlys Angelz every Saturday night. Both the workers parties and Charlys, plus other new nights like the Ministry of Love where (I have also played) are just absolutely rammed down there this year. This is indeed the best club in the west end and it has provided some of the best nights out here this summer.

So, as we roll through the rest of August there are lots of things still to come. Keep an eye on my gig page to see where I will be next. I am actually going to be in London this Friday playing at Knowwhere at The Fridge in Brixton – so if anyone hasnt made it to ibiza this season then come and say hello down there.

Until then take care and Ill write again soon,

Vicky xxxxx

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