A Little Britain Xmas and a Russian New Year!

It really has been a month of non stop partying in the land of Vicky Devine – probably one of the best Decembers I can ever remember having and hopefully setting the stall for a great 2005!!!

In my last vd_news article on the 8th December I can remember thinking “my God – how on earth am I going to do all of this” – now I’m wondering how I actually survived it!!!!

December began in the studio having just completed a track with some guys I know in Bournemouth. Then I ventured out in London to wicked daytime event Tilt – the first time I’d been out in London since my return from Ibiza and I wasn’t disappointed. I have been promised a set by the Tilt crew sometime this year so hopefully I will be playing down there very soon…………but even if I don’t its always worth a visit down there because its a wicked party with an excellent vibe and fantastic music!!!

Then it was the beginning of my run of gigs which took me right through to the new year. First up was La Playa up at Jacques nightclub in Dundee with Judge Jules. The champagne was free flowing and the music was trance all the way – a really wicked night and must say many thanks to Charlie whom I actually met on a very messy night out in Ibiza this summer and who delivered his promise in giving me my first set in Bonnie Scotland!!!! Also a hi to Paul Strachan – La Playa’s resident DJ who insisted I wear a Santa Hat (please see my gallery for new pics!!!)

Feeling absolutely exhausted I then had to get a flight back down to London and a train up to Norwich for the second installment of the weekend …….up at Pams House in Norwich. It didn’t take me long to get in the party spirit. A load of my mates came down to the gig anyway so that was cool, but you can never have a bad night at Pams House anyway – its such a brilliant event run by some of the best people in the industry. They all love music and know how to party hard – which was definately evident afterwards when half the club turned up at the afterparty in a nearby hotel!!!!! Many thanks to Danny and Jamie for having me play at their event for the second time in 2004, and also shouts to Brett, Rick, Nick, Naomi and Anderson for accompanying me to my gig, the afterparty, roast dinner the next day and Hed Kandi the following night in Bournemouth!!!!

The following week it was Christmas – and where better to spend it than lovely Majorca. I joined 2 Kinky’s Jon Bessant and the lovlier than ever Sarah G at BCM in Majorca – and my God, what a party we had. The club had 2800 people to start with, we didn’t close until half six in the morning before then going on to an afterparty at Gallery in Palma where I played another set with resident DJ Javi De Colors, before then all piling back to BCM Gordon’s house for another afterparty where Jon and I continued to play until about half two in the afternoon. We then all went out for Christmas dinner in the evening before finally going to bed!!!! It really was a fantastic evening and day and I must thank Gordon and Oscar once again for their hospitality and for providing us with some special memories to finish 2004!!!!!

Getting back from Majorca to the UK proved a little difficult in that the flight Sarah G and I had to get home to make it to our Boxing day gigs in Rotherham and Leeds respectively was 7 hours delayed – apparantly due to snow at Manchester airport. I’m not sure what it is about me, Sarah G and airports – but I’m not sure we should be allowed in one together!!!!! Still, if it hadn’t been for Little Britian I’m not sure we would have made it through the day – impersonating the many hilarious characters provided us with hours of entertainment and some pretty funny MP3 and picture messages to Jon Bessant who luckily managed to escape Palma airport before the insanity set in!!!! We still managed to make it to our gigs in time despite the delay however, and the Angelz of Funk gig that I did at Halo in Leeds was a wicked event. Casa Mia joined me and we played at the club until 2am before going on to yet another afterparty in Wakefield which I didn’t leave until half eight the following morning. Many thanks to Roxy at Halo and also to Pat who’s house provided the afterparty!!!!

Then finally onto New Years Eve. Having just recovered from Christmas it was time to get on a plane again to go to Moscow in Russia. I joined fellow Angelz Sophie Sugar and Eve Carey at Fabrique to count down the last days of 2004 and welcome in 2005 three hours ahead of the UK. It was bizarre indeed to be in the centre of Moscow at one of their biggest clubs, but the atmosphere was phenominal and I think we can safely say we all DJ’d and partied our hearts out in true Angelz style!!!! One not to be forgotten for sure!!!!!

So – 2005 here we go. Lots and lots going on at the moment. Talks of various tours, a summer in Ibiza to organise and several UK dates approaching throughout January and February. I have also completed my second solo track with Greg Brookman. Many will recognise this guy from the many tracks he has had released on Nukleuz – mainly in the hard dance genre. We got our heads together in the latter part of December and the result is “Entravanse”. I think this will be doing the rounds before the tune that I finished back at the beginning of December, mainly due to the fact that it has already had interest from a few people in terms of remixes etc. I don’t want to say too much right now but keep an eye out for the track and hopefully I’ll have more vd_news on it very soon. Thanks to Greg for his engineering expertise and for putting up with my bout of food poisoning half way through making the track!!!!

So just to say a very Happy New Year to all. 2004 was a fantastic year for me on a DJ’ing front and this I obviously hope to continue. It was also a year of tragedy in so many ways – on a personal level as I have mentioned in my last few vd_news articles with the loss of my close friend Sarah PVC, but obviously on an international level also with the recent tsunami in Asia. Let us hope and pray that such loss and devastation can bring people closer together (as it has done in my life) and help anybody affected to rebuild their lives at such a difficult time.

To a productive 2005!!!!!!!

Vicky D xxx

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